Best Free No Deposit Bingo Sites 2019

January 18, 2019 11:14 am

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I’m guessing you’re here because you are interested in finding a free no deposit bingo site? Then keep on reading as we have a list of the best sites to check out.

I’m sure you’re also sick of having to fork out at each new site you try out only to realise that they’re not as fun as you expected or they have different wagering requirements than expected.

If you find that you have an avid interest in bingo, you have come to the right place. Many people choose to play for fun while others want to see some cash coming their way. One of the most popular games to be played anywhere online is Bingo. Now it is even easier when you locate the no deposit bingo sites which allow you to keep the winnings.

Being able to play without depositing provides you with the ability to play on some of the best bingo sites around today without having to place a deposit.

The best thing about being able to play on these sites is you get to look under the hood before making a commitment.

Comparison Table

You will find 20 of the top sites that you can play on below.

Bingo Site
No Deposit Bonus
Sky Bingo
Click Here
Glitter Bingo
Click Here
Booty Bingo
Click Here
Fabulous Bingo
Click Here
Click Here
Mummies Bingo
Click Here
Scrummy Bingo
Click Here
Costa Bingo
Click Here
Crocodile Bingo
Click Here
Click Here

Playing bingo online is becoming far more widespread in 2019.

It has moved from being far more than a game moving more into a community and network. This form of social networking has come a long way since the beginning of the computer age.

With bingo one thing for sure is that it seems the ratio of wins to losses is better than other slots or casino games. Needing only one more number puts the game into a whole new perspective.

The anxiety puts you at the edge of your seat! You are only one number away from winning a considerable amount of money.

Best of all free bingo sites with no deposit required removes all the risk.

The best sites to play at are all reviewed in extra detail below.

#1 Sky Bingo

Sky Bingo have a remarkable bingo product and it is no wonder many users are flocking to their site. With the Sky brand you can be guaranteed to get free bonus offer fulfilled. They have joined the elite of the best bingo sites around today. Claim a free £20 bonus with Sky, absolutely no deposit required. This is perfect for deciding on whether this website is really for you. What’s really great is that in addition to this free bonus, the company are also offering new customers an additional bonus of £30 when they deposit £10. As their free offer is only availble to new customers they’ve added a bonus incentive for existing customers also. You can check this out on their site. [Read Full Review…]

#2 Glitter Bingo

Glitter Bingo have joined the other list of operators that are putting their money where their product is. You can play on their site risk free without having to take out your credit card at any stage. The reason they do this is because they know their product is good enough to get you to sign up at and once you’re on their site you’ll want to keep playing. You get a completely £10 free today to enjoy on their website. In addition to this, they also offer new customers £30 to play with if you decide to stay on and deposit on their site. Enjoy getting to play free bingo no deposit win real money at Glitter bingo.

#3 Booty Bingo

Bootybingo are no stranger to offering a free bonus to their new customers with a very generous offer of £15 no credit card required. Best of all you’ll receive this instantly when you join their site as a brand new customer. With really exciting and thrilling new promotions monthly you can be inspired to play at their site today. 2019 will see their site grow from strength to strength with new players constantly coming on board. The best part is if you decide to stay on and become a depositing player you can get upwards of 500% on your first deposit, 350% on the second and 300% on your third. In addition to this, get 20% cash back on bingo and slots. It’s no wonder customers are flocking to this site, right? Tap into their £15 free bingo no deposit offer today.

#4 Fabulous Bingo are giving new players to their site a £5 no strings bonus. Yes it’s as easy as signing up on their site and registering! Furthermore, get on their guest list and you can win upwards of a free £500 bonus. Did you just say WOW? Because I did. What’s even more fabulous (get it?) is that the company are offering an escalator jackpot with up to £100k to be won today.

And you thought it couldn’t get better? Well it does, you can now also get £50 in bonuses when you deposit £10. With all of their offerings people have only positive things to be saying about this incredible site.

#5 Vampire Bingo

Vampire bingo UK’s fastest growing site are offering a tasty welcome bonus of £10 today, absolutely no credit card required. This is an offer you can definitely stick your fangs into. Literally all you need to do is go to their site, register and stick your teeth into their offer. Want something just as juicy, how about 20% cash back on bingo and slots. For players who decide after their free bonus they want to continue and activate on the site just deposit £10 and claim £60. That’s a whole lot of bingo bonus to grip your teeth into.

Now also when you deposit grab an amazing 500% bonus on your first deposit, 350% bonus on your 2nd deposit and 300% on your 3rd deposit.

#6 Mummies BINGO

Mummies bingo are a company that need no introduction, having been in the industry for quite some time. They are another great addition to the elite of sites that offer a free bonus to play on their site. They’re offering brand new customers a no strings £10 free, meaning you need to deposit zilch, nada! Mummies bingo represents mothers out that who don’t have much time to themselves.
The company offer free games every single day. Just for creating an account you’ll be rewarded with the €/£10 free bonus. Can you say no to an amazing offer like that? I certainly couldn’t!

Best of all it doesn’t even stop there. In addition to this the company are offer an incredible and unheard of 1150% welcome sign up bonus. This is split across your 1st three deposits. This will certainly lead to hours and hours of fun. (and hopefully winning!)

With such an awesome community, we know you’ll have fun on this site. This site was created with your lifestyle in mind and is one of the only places offering consistent bonuses daily.

It’s worth noting that the new bonus is for people who are 18+ only. The wagering requirement is 8x and you can find the full list of their T&Cs on their site.

Here are some great reasons to join Mummiesbingo today.

  • Frequent free bingo & slots tournaments on offer
  • Earn up to 20% cashback each and every week
  • Jackpot specials where you can win £500 weekly and even £1000 monthly.
  • Loyalty reward program with the incentive of climbing up the ranks you get even bigger rewards.
  • Welcome bonus – £10 free bingo no deposit required
  • Deposit bonuses.
    • £25 bonus gets you 50% cash.
    • Go further and deposit £50 and you’ll get 75% cash reward.

#7 Scrummy BINGO

Although Scrummy bingo are one of the newer sites on the scene they have been providing a quality service to customers all around the UK and Ireland. There’s only one thing better than finding a website that has it all in terms of usability and play and that’s getting bonus cash to play with no risk at all.

Have your cake and eat it – that’s the company tag line and new players are met with many tasty offers 🙂

  • Welcome bonus – £15 absolutely no deposit required on Scrummy Bingo today.
  • Deposit bonus – 500%, deposit £10 and Get a whopping £50 to play with on site.

One of the stand out points for this operator is their mobile bingo no deposit bonus offer which is perfect for users while on the go. With the best bingo bonus around you don’t need to find any other site to play at in the UK and Ireland.

#8 Costa BINGO

If you’re in the market for a website brimming with joyful players all looking to have a good time, then look no further than costa bingo. Costa are offering brand new customers a free £5 bonus with no deposit needed whatsoever. This represents a great opportunity to try out their website with no fear of losing your hard earned cash. Their website logo won’t be  the only thing shiny with joy once you realise the potential on this site.

Aside from this bonus they also have a 300% deposit bonus when you place your first deposit. The operator also offer daily jackpot and prizes 24 hours a day. With over 50 rooms to play at you’ll be sure to find what you need on this site. Find your winning streak on their site today. [Read Full Review…]

Are Free No Deposit Sites Safe?

Originally, in order to play this online game for cash, you had to use a credit card to deposit funds into a personal account. Each time there was a process to be gone through in order to replenish your account. Funds were then taken from your card.

Despite all the safety measures used, there were a vast number of credit card holders who had their identity stolen or their cards fraudulently used. It would take months to get the problem straightened out. The credit card company had to be notified of the misuse and the date the incident occurred. It would have to be researched and fortunately most people would get their funds returned to them, but it was a harsh lesson to be learned and one that happened through no fault of your own..

Now the most popular Bingo sites have instituted the use of PayPal as a means of depositing funds into your account. PayPal has become the number one way to deposit or withdraw funds from a site. Nothing could be easier. If the site you are presently using does not accept PayPal, locate a site that does and say goodbye to your transaction worries.

No deposit bingo sites offer a valid and strong privacy policy. The information that you disperse to these sites is held in strictest confidence and not one iota of it is given out to a second party. There are a few things that will be required of you in order to register on the site but once done, the registering is over and done with.

These no deposit sites never ask for any personal information from you. Of course, there are a number of links that you will pass through in order to be identified as a member by the site operators. These sites have gone out of their way to ensure that you are never placed in jeopardy in any way. Any information that is downloaded to the no deposit site is protected in a number of ways.

There is never a third party allowed to access any information we have about you as an individual. Special encrypted techniques have been set in place to guarantee that no one will ever be able to hack into the system. The privacy offered to the consumer is unparalleled in every way imaginable.

Opening a PayPal account is quick and easy to do. And once the account is open all that needs to be done going to the site and entering your personal identification password. This password is never to be given out to anyone. To do so would put you in great jeopardy of someone else using your account for fraudulent purposes.

Be safe while you deposit funds with which to play and a site where your winnings can be easily dispersed. As with all games of chance they are a great deal of fun. To keep that fun alive and well, use your no deposit bingo sites with reserve. To allow any game of chance the opportunity to entice you into playing or betting sums of money that you cannot afford, is a vast error. If you ever find yourself in this position, stop playing and seek help with your gambling problem. No deposit Bingo was instituted to bring joy to the millions of people that can play the game with integrity and resolve.

If you’re new to playing bingo online be sure to check out our comprehensive guide teaching you the ins and outs of the game. With this guide you’ll get the most out of your free deposit money, meaning you can win more at our recommended providers. When you’re done with the free offers found on this page you can find the best websites and their deposit bonuses here. (Including Ted Bingo which provides users with up to £80)

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